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Eddy Plush by MaryjaneDesignStudio Eddy Plush by MaryjaneDesignStudio
Five months ago, one of the many fleeting projects ideas that passed through my head was “Wouldn’t it be cool to make plush dolls of Ed, Edd and Eddy?” AND I’L BE DAMMED, I ACTUALLY FINISHED ALL OF THEM (If you’re just tuning in, here are my Ed Plush and Double D Plush) Most of the techniques I’d used on Eddy are the same as the ones I used for Ed and Edd so if theres any technique I don’t mention here, I probably mentioned them in my previous posts.

Ever since I started watching Ed Edd n Eddy back in 1999, Eddy was the character that I identified the most with (come to think of it, I think he was the FIRST character I identified with which is pretty sentimental considering I’ve been riding this crazy cosplay and character impersonation train for over ten years now) What I’m getting at is that I wanted to leave making him to last because I wanted to do a good job. 

Eddy is the fifth plush I’ve made so I don’t think I did too badly but theres no way I could have tackled him without having made the other Eds first. Eddy is not a character thats easy to translate from 2D to 3D. In that transition, you no longer have the benefit of a “privileged point of view” where the details make sense from the angle they’re presented on screen but imagining that expression as a representation outside of cartoon reality is impossible. Thats been my favourite part of making plush, its really a really thoughtful and meticulous process! Anyway, my way of wrapping my brain around how Eddy’s head would work in real life was to make a foam head template beforehand and draped fabric around it to derive an approximate pattern from. A technique I developed to retain the sophistication of the facial details was to make individually stuffed “pockets”. Its a hierarchy of stuffing certain pieces and closing them from the back before joining those pieces to other pieces. For example one of those pockets is Eddys chin which was stuffed, backed then sewn to Eddy’s mouth which became its own stuffed and backed pocket that was then attached to the rest of Eddy’s face. Without those backed pockets, the end result would have been an amorphous blob instead of having defined details. If what I’ve just said makes no sense to you but you’re still legitimately curious about what the hell I’m talking about, heres a picture of all the pattern pieces for Eddy’s head, go figure it out yourself.

In the trippy EEnE universe, things like eyebrows protrude off characters faces so Eddy’s eyebrows are their own enclosures instead of just being embroidered on. It made sense since Ed’s eyebrow was its own enclosure as well and I wanted these plush to make sense on their own as well as when displayed together. If I had to go back and change one thing, I’d have made his teeth take up more of his face to look more like a maniacal grin than a coy smirk. Oh and his eyes should have been touching too but sometimes the best of us make tiny oversights like this when they’re up past their bed times, in ~the zone~. The leopard skin underwear is of course a nod to Home Cooked Eds (“Thats quite a statement, Eddy”) 

I guess thats it. Maybe at some point I’l make plush of some of the other characters because I’ve had so much fun making these three dorks.
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EddyTheScamerGames Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
were can I buy this?
fnafsfoxythefox Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
thats really good but the face kind creeps me out but its good
Nigzblackman Featured By Owner May 6, 2015  Professional General Artist
so good! 
Viktorio Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2015
Meticulous work
Atlas0 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
Very nice :clap:
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